i have no money.but i have GOD.

November 20, 2010, 9:57 pm
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Kitue Emueje

i have no money.but i have GOD.

Between You and Kitue Emueje
Kitue Emueje November 20 at 9:27pm Report
may our gud lord be with u.pray 4we young once to have a gud heart.we pray 4u old people.stay bles sir.
"The Challenge to survive with limited water, limited means and sometimes, no money and no budget at all, has never stopped us from creating. Creator has given us an unbridled spirit to overcome all adversities.
The absolute power of the power of words, of thoughts and deeds can never be stifled by the limitations of wealth or money or ideas. Someone may come up with a better solution than us.
The key has always been to never give into the lack of anything.
The ultimate spirit of restoring the planet earth back to something that has been waiting for a team of "makeover artists, makeover entrepreneurs,and makeover masters" that team has arrived and it is US."
--BCNEXUS author Bob Chew, Co-Founder of the ABC4All Spirit TEAM.
Burton Danet November 20 at 9:38pm
Young? Old? Rejuvenated? Blessed?

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